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Installation of Composite Siding

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When anyone looks at your home, the very first thing they probably notice is the siding. This is why homeowners need to ensure they have quality Composite Siding installed on their homes; this will greatly benefit them in terms of protection and performance!
If you see any damage to your siding, call United Roofing & Exteriors. We offer an expert installations service with quality artistry!

Benefits of Composite Siding

Composite siding is an exterior siding made of scrap wood that is compressed and then bonded with resins. Composite siding often comes pre-primed and ready to paint with chemical treatments to ward off fungi and pets. It is also available pre-finished with many styles that mimic natural wood. You don't need to paint it regularly, so care and maintenance are relatively straightforward! Maintenance can be as simple as cleaning it with soap and rinsing it with a garden hose; a pressure washer is not recommended for this type of siding.Composite siding has patented interlocking joints that ensure the boards are in line. The joints make it safe to expand and contract when the temperature changes; this helps it withstand many weather conditions. The interlocking joints also ensure no space between the boards, so you don't have to worry about moulds, mildew, and insects that can get in between the boards and cause damage. Composite siding is highly durable and is excellent for all types of climates!Composite siding is excellent for energy conservation. The white substrate can help reduce the amount of heat that escapes your home during the winter and is absorbed during summer by providing extra insulation to your home.

Installing Composite Siding

It is faster in the installation process as their boards are quickly reduced to the needed size using standard tools for wood. The process takes about the same amount of time as vinyl siding. Our certified siding contractors have the expertise needed to install composite siding quickly and correctly. Call United Roofing & Exteriors today for your composite siding needs!

Why Choose Us?

United Roofing & Exteriors is a manufacturer-certified preferred contractor that provides high-quality services and materials. When it comes to supplying and installing composite siding, we go above and beyond in every step of the process! Our siding experts only use the highest quality materials available during installation or replacement. Our goal is always guaranteed results!